• In 2016, I helped co-found a boutique, women-run marketing and events agency called RootedSpace. Our focus was on brand engagement for creative leaders, social causes, and emerging industries. We aspired to elevate client brands, foster fierce fan­ loyalty, and connect good intentions through high-end brand experiences.


    After successes with specific clients, we narrowed our focus to work solely within the cannabis industry. Our goal was to change the narrative of cannabis while working to connect the industry with nonprofit and community organizations.

    My Focus Areas and Contributions:

    • Marketing + Community Strategy

    • Brand Management

    • Client Management & Relations

    • Email & Digital Marketing

    • Community Events

  • Projects

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    RootedSpace Branding Lead

    A Boutique Approach to Branding

    The RootedSpace logo concept was a collaborative effort between myself and the other two co-founders. We selected our color palette and logo font based on the overall visual aesthetic we wanted for the brand, and then I collaborated with a designer to bring it to life.


    I sourced our designer, Max McKenna, and then collaborated with him to develop the idea we had into a formal logo. As the branding lead on the team, I worked directly with Max, iterating through feedback and design ideas throughout the revision process.


    Final RootedSpace Logo Colorway

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    Tasty Colfax // Boo N Brews

    Bluebird Improvement District // Colfax On The Hill

    One of our main clients was helping the Bluebird Improvement District to manage two of their annual events: Tasty Colfax and Boo N Brews. Both events are large "block parties" that bring together the local community to support local restaurants, bars, shops and galleries in the Bluebird District.


    Our team managed each event timeline, the entire ticketing process, the development of marketing materials, and the relationships with participating businesses.

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    Whoopi and Maya Medicinal Cannabis

    Colorado Brand Launch Event

    Whoopi & Maya started in California as a collaboration between Whoopi Goldberg and award-winning edibles maker, Maya Elisabeth. When the brand expanded into Colorado, RootedSpace was brought on to help plan and execute the Brand Launch Event.


    Our team was responsible for everything including event concept and design, catering, vendor management, event logistics and on-site event management.


    Whoopi & Maya Launch Event Design Concept

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    Stony Hill by TruCannabis Dispensary

    Launch Event and Marketing

    Stony Hill by TruCannabis is a dispensary under the Damian Marley brand. We were approached by Damian Marley's Artist and Brand Management Teams to put together a 6-month Marketing Overview that would support the opening of three new dispensary locations.


    This proposal included brand integration, public relations and media development, as well as marketing and general event management in relation to each dispensary launch.


    Stony Hill Dispensary Launch Marketing & Events Proposal