• Huka Entertainment was an independent music festival production and promotion company based in New Orleans, LA. I was fortunate enough to wander into their office after moving to New Orleans and convinced them I was worth keeping around! In five years, I worked my way up from an unpaid intern to a Festival Marketing & Brand Manager.


    In the start-up world, everyone wears a number of hats, and Huka was no different. While I had specific tasks and responsibilities, our team collaborated on nearly every element of each festival property, offering me a unique view into both the marketing and branding of events as well as event production and logistics.


    My Focus Areas and Contributions:

    • Marketing & Brand Strategy

    • Traditional Media Planning

    • Email Marketing

    • Public Relations

    • Experiential Activations

    • Sponsor & Partner Collaborations

    • On Site Media Management

  • Projects

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    Marketing, Branding, Public Relations Plan

    Tortuga Music Festival

    Every year our team collaborated to build out our marketing, branding, advertising and public relations plans for the upcoming festival campaign.


    The marketing plan outlined our goals, objectives and detailed strategies for each area within our department. While a team effort, the sections I was personally responsible for included:

    • Email Marketing
    • Publicity
    • Promotions (Online Media Partners)
    • Traditional Media

    Tortuga Music Festival 2017 Marketing Plan

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    Fan-centric Content

    Pemberton Music Festival 2016 Lineup Announcement

    As an engaging promotional piece for Pemberton Music Festival, my coworker and I set up a Pemberton Hotline and promoted it across all of our social platforms, website, and newsletter with the CTA for fans to let us know how excited they were for the next Pemby Fest.


    We then mixed their voicemails into our lineup announcement materials which included paid media and our own internal lineup reveal video. This campaign was extremely successful with hundreds of voicemails recorded.


    2016 All Genre Radio Spot

    2016 Rock Genre Radio Spot

    :30 2016 TV Spot

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    Fan + Artist Experiences

    Tortuga Music Festival

    I worked alongside our Social Media Marketing Manager to create the "ultimate fan experience" contest for the 2016 Tortuga Music Festival.


    The contest ran before the festival and was featured on CMT's website, newsletter blasts, and social media. The exposure generated hundreds of leads across email opt-ins, web visits, and overall fan engagement. The contest winner was awarded the opportunity to spend the afternoon with country music star Kelsea Ballerini.


    Recap of the contest experience featured on CMT.com.

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    Building Immersive Brand Experiences

    Project-Mapping Hologram Installation

    During the first Pemberton Music Festival, there were 3D face holograms projected onto the trees at night and fans absolutely loved it. For the next year's festival, my co-worker and I re-imagined the concept as a traveling installation with anonymity to engage people's curious side.


    We created hologram displays using laser-projected images of the artists' performing that year. Each projection display included a URL to a website that connected to Pemberton Music Festival. The installation was shown in various venues in top market cities across the US and Canada to build intrigue and brand awareness for the festival.

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    Sponsor & Partner Collaborations

    Contests & On Site Activations

    I worked hand in hand with our sponsorship and partner team to create and execute sponsor contests and on site activations. Each sponsor inclusion required collaborating directly with the sponsor's internal team on concept, execution, and approval of any use of their brand and messaging.


    We helped bring each sponsor idea to life while also ensuring every campaign aligned with the festival's brand and marketing strategy. I've worked with a wide variety of sponsors, including: Corona, Chevrolet, Naked Turtle, Molson Canadian, SiriusXM

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    On-site Media Management

    Tortuga Music Festival, Pemberton Music Festival, Buku Music + Art Project

    While much of my position was marketing-focused, during each of our festivals, my role would transition to on-site logistics for the Media Department. I was responsible for overseeing the production and logistics for all media-related on-site needs including: the Media Lounge, Media Entrance, Media Check-In, and photo pits/shoots at each stage.


    I also oversaw 10+ media staff teams who regulated and escorted media personnel in and out of stage photo pits and enforced all artist photo/video protocols. I directly coordinated with stage managers and artist management to ensure any artist photo or video policies were relayed to the media team and attending media.