• Cannabis Doing Good started as a hashtag that was used to promote cannabis companies doing social and community good deeds. While CDG still showcases companies doing good, they now work to define the standard for racial equity and social responsibility in the cannabis sector.


    CDG hosts national events and has an award program where cannabis companies are highlighted for their work in community engagement, sustainability, and diversity/racial justice. I became connected with CDG in it's early stages of life and consulted on the business concept and the overarching brand voice. Now, CDG is gearing up to launch a national Membership + Badge Program which includes a new membership-based website and branding updates, all of which I am involved with.

    My Focus Areas and Contributions:

    • Marketing & Brand Lead

    • Content & Social Media Manager

    • Project Manager

  • Projects

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    Brand Development

    Who is Cannabis Doing Good?

    I worked alongside the founders of CDG to help define who and what Cannabis Doing Good was. I consulted on the general business strategy and oversaw the development of the main brand visuals and voice.


    We used a third-party design company to create the brand logo and assist with the branding guide but I acted as the lead project manager, handling the development from the initial stages of design, through revisions, and to the finalization of all branding assets.


    Cannabis Doing Good Brand Guidelines

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    Brand Materials and Asset Development

    Investor Decks, Assessments, and Presentations

    The CDG co-founders are currently pitching to potential investors, both nationally and internationally. They needed an investor deck that showcased their goals and future objectives that was also on-brand, sleek, and professional.


    As the branding lead, I created multiple decks for them using existing and newer brand elements, while ensuring each slide clearly articulated the information being presented.


    Cannabis Doing Good 2021 Info Deck

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    Website Rebuild Project

    Membership // Account Website Project Management

    CDG required a new, more sophisticated website for their membership launch. With the help of Denver-based agency, Hybrid, we were able to create a new, more UX-friendly website that included membership account capabilities, built-in award nomination forms, a self-scoring assessment tool, and cleaner functionality overall.


    The project scope grew beyond what was originally discussed and is still being completed.